Smooth Transition From VPK Classes To Kindergarten

Smooth Transition From VPK Classes To Kindergarten

The main focus of prekindergarten is on helping your child adapt to an environment away from home and acquire the necessary social skills to interact and play with other children of similar ages.

Physical play and social interaction are vital to your toddlers’ physical, emotional, and mental health. Studies show that a toddler’s brain is three times more active than an adult’s brain. Hence your child can benefit significantly from being enrolled in a prekindergarten program.

Adapting to a Safe and Happy Environment Outside Home

Your toddler may not have prior experience staying away from home or his or her family for more than a few hours. VPK provides an opportunity for phased transition and equips him or her with the ability to adjust to a new environment. Prekindergarten environments are designed to be conducive to play and fun.

Hence, toddlers generally enjoy being part of this new atmosphere to play with peers, explore new activities and experience new games. Most prekindergarten’s only required children to attend for a few hours on select weekdays. A child who is comfortable attending preschool will also find it easier to adjust to kindergarten.

Introduction to Structured Learning

While preschools are not academics-oriented, they introduce your child to the concept of structured learning. Your child may learn fun rhymes, stories, and other content at his or her preschool. They will also adjust to concepts like classroom spaces, routines, and timetables and grow comfortable with the idea of structured education.

Children also pick up social interaction skills and behavior patterns. They also learn to accomplish tasks and play games as part of a team. Hence, toddlers who attended preschool can make a smooth shift to kindergarten.

Emotional and Physical Development

Your toddler is constantly learning and exploring, and preschool environments are ideal for growth. Interaction with other children of the same age will foster emotional development. Your child will learn to socialize in a controlled learning environment.

Toddlers will also learn social skills like sharing, social greetings, problem-solving, and conflict resolutions. Additionally, the increased opportunities for interaction will also expose your child to new words, ideas and behaviors. Your child will learn to handle new emotions on his or her own.

Opportunity to Learn from Qualified Instructors

VPK programs and institutions employ certified instructors who are trained in early education programs. These educators are equipped to help children learn, develop and explore. Therefore, your child will have access to quality education and professional guidance. Prekindergarten educators are trained in areas of child psychology and counseling.

Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten with Our VKP Program

Our prime goal is to build a foundation for effective learning and development at My First Years Preschool. You can find out more about our VPK program from our website. You can also contact us at 954-252-7840



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