My First Years Preschool Summer Camp Activities

Preschool Summer Camp

My First Years Preschool Summer Camp Activities

Summer Camp Information

We will be having summer camp ages 5 to 12 years old starting June 8, 2020. As we all must adhere to the CDC regulations (new normal), we will not be going on field trips this summer. We are currently working on changing all the trips for exciting things to do indoors, such as water games several times a week and other table games and activities to keep the children safe, healthy, and happy. Older children can bring their tablets or computer games at their own responsibility. These items may not be shared by anyone else. Due to the possibility of contamination, toys from home are not allowed.

water gamesWhat We Offer

Water games spray and splash every week 

Water play is popular among children and has many benefits, such as problem-solving and physical development. For example, water play is an open-ended activity allowing children to explore a substance and make exciting discoveries. Also, as a hands-on experience, it encourages children to use their imagination and problem-solving skills.

painting shirtsMultitude In-house Activities Camp T-shirt

Arts and crafts are an essential part of childhood learning, and what a better way to learn than making your own t-shirt design. Using marker stencils, color paint, or any other medium, we let the messy-ness aside, while your kids shine their creativity making a t-shirt!

Movies, Computer and Board Games and Basketballplaying video games

While in school, kids have various duties aside from washing movies and playing with the computer. One of our summer camp activities includes children’s movies, computer, and board games to enjoy with their peers and have fun. Entertainment can help them unwind from being in the house all day, and we offer outdoor sports as well, such as basketball. 

eating pizza at schoolPizza Every Friday and Ice Cream Every Friday

Kids knowing that every Friday is pizza and ice cream day is a good way to finalize their week full of activities. Sign up your kid today for our Summer Camp activities, and enjoy some free time for yourself as well!

Wacky Hair Contest, Crazy Hat Day, Crazy Socks Day and More!

Share with friends and shine some laughs while getting creative at wacky hair contest, crazy hat day, or any other activity to become more spontaneous and have fun!

At My First Years Preschool, we know how important, regular exercise is for children. That’s why we have several activities in place with the proper equipment in our facilities, including balance beams, hoops, bean bags, toddler cars, climbers, etc. Children can participate in gross motor activities every day and have fun while they learn. Call today at 954-252-7840

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