What to Look for in an Holistic Childhood Education

holistic childhood education

What to Look for in an Holistic Childhood Education

Are you busily planning your child’s future and looking for an holistic childhood education to ensure good opportunities and success for them? When you want to ensure that your child grows up in a well-rounded environment in Davie, Florida, you have to think about where they will start their formal education, including their preschool.

Childhood education is an important period in your child’s life and can form many of their memories growing up. It can set their narrative and perspective about education in general, so you want to ensure that you’re making an informed decision regarding their preschool. Here is what you should be looking for to ensure holistic childhood education for your child:

Planned and Researched Curriculum

When it comes to curriculum, you don’t want to tamper with what’s already been planned by the preschool you enroll your child into, but you must know what it is. Looking through a planned curriculum for your child can ensure that you know what they’re learning and whether it’s on par with other preschools in the area.

It is also a good idea to ask your preschool’s educators how they have come up with the curriculum. Many educators research extensively before planning the curriculum, and it can be a great tool for you to know how they plan theirs so you can also cater your child’s education at home accordingly.

Your Child’s Wellbeing

Ensuring your child feels safe, comfortable, and happy at their preschool is crucial when you want them to enjoy the experience. From having children their age to play with to educators who listen to their needs, your child’s wellbeing can be taken care of in multiple ways.
You must visit any preschool you are planning to enroll your child in beforehand to see whether the environment is one that your child would like. You may also want to take your child with you to see whether they like it beforehand.

Trained Educators

From having the prerequisite degree to proper certifications, you will need to check whether educators at the preschool you are considering have the qualifications to educate your child. Preschools in Davie, Florida, conduct background checks on their educators (but you can also check this with the school beforehand) to ensure that they can cater to your child’s needs.
You can also find preschools requiring their educators to have CPR and First Aid certifications to help your child out in a medical emergency.

Reputation and Experience

Doing a brief search online about the preschool you are enrolling your child into is ideal when you want to see whether they have a good reputation. You can find a preschool that has a reliable and solid reputation and has been in the area for years, so you know that it’s ideal for your child.
Ask the preschool beforehand about how experienced their educators are and how long they’ve been catering to children in the Florida area before you decide if it’s the right one for your child.

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