Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten: Its Importance and Benefits


Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten: Its Importance and Benefits

Pre-Kindergarten programs are important to the growth of developing toddlers. At My First Years Preschool, we make it a point to fully prepare children for kindergarten. Our VPK program trains children through play, making a fun and interactive environment for children of pre-k age, starting at 4 years old. Our Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten is a free educational program set up to get each Florida 4-year-old highly prepared and emotionally ready for kindergarten.

Our free Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten not only sets your child up for kindergarten, it garners them the basic social and emotional skills they’ll need throughout their entire school career and into adulthood. Our VPK program is open for all Florida residents who will turn 4 by September 1, 2021, and we are now registering for the 2021-2022 school year. Our VPK program starts on August 23, 2021, and will run through June 8, 2022.

Please go to the Early Learning Coalition webpage:

https://www.elcbroward.com. Go to Parent Portal, apply for VPK, and you can start your registration process. As soon as you receive your Voucher, you may bring it into the office so that we can save your child’s spot in our preschool. Should you have any questions in that regard, you may contact ELC of Broward at 954 -377-2188

Space is limited, so the sooner you enroll your child, the better. Enrollment can begin as soon as your voucher is received. We have seven large classrooms equipped with all necessities to ensure that your child is having fun while learning. Each student is a valuable component of our program, and our staff is well-equipped and trained to offer the best care and attention to teaching your children.

Our center gladly facilitates all enrolled children and allows them to interact with staff and peers while gaining useful information and skills from our program curriculum. Human interaction is key to building relationships and learning to be independent within ourselves. Our VPK program builds each student, preparing them to learn, build trust in teachers, and gain lifelong relationships that will build their character. We make sure that children learn through creative activities and play. Learning can be a fun experience that allows them to explore, create, and learn about themselves. Our facility is set up with a state-of-the-art security system so that all children are safe and protected during their time with us. Get your little one signed up for our free Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program today. Call us at 954-252-7840

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