Preschool and The Development of Your Child

Preschool and The Development of Your Child

Preschools are designed to help your child’s integration into a structured setting easier and smoother. Until about two to three years old, a child grows up in the comforts of their home, surrounded by a loving family who pretty much provides everything a child needs. However, while there is a degree of communication in a domestic setting, a preschool can help enhance a child’s social and academic skills by the time they are ready to enter a formal school.

Here is how it can help your child’s development

Community Building

Communication is the key to becoming valuable members of the community, and preschools are the perfect place to learn it early. Children communicate with their parents and caregivers in a particular way, and in some instances, their needs are met without articulating what they want.

However, learning social cues is crucial for developing a sense of belonging when it comes to a community, which will turn them into responsible citizens in the Future. Preschool courses are designed to help with lucid communication, listening, and writing skills.

Academic Development

When a child is ready to enter formal school, they should have acquired a certain degree of knowledge of numbers, alphabets, language literacy, and general information. While parents can impart this primary education at home, preschools have scientifically designed courses that help children acquire more holistic knowledge.

The courses are designed to go beyond facts and induce the child to think, developing their problem-solving skills. It is a massive step towards their cognitive development, and Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Programs follow specific courses to offer children a more immersive learning experience.

Physical Development

Yes, the child’s early years are about developing their brains, but also to help them grow big and strong. Preschools have special play sessions designed to increase stamina and help build up strength in the young bones and muscles.

The children get acquainted with nature, explore their surroundings, come in touch with new textures, smells, and sounds, and above all, release their pent-up energy in the most productive way possible. For families living in smaller homes, choosing a preschool with open spaces is a brilliant move to help with the physical growth of their child.

With My First Years Pre-School, Your Child Will Be Ready for the Future

My First Years Pre-School is committed to providing quality education to the children in the most crucial stage of their development. Our highly esteemed faculty members are trained in child psychology, cognitive development, and early learning methods to give your child a holistic learning environment. Call us at 954-252-7840 to find out more so that your child can have the best preschool experience to become future-ready.

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