My First Years Preschool In Davie Florida

Preschool in Davie Florida

My First Years Preschool In Davie Florida

Early childhood education has a strong effect on children’s cognitive, emotional, and social development. This education comes from a wide range of experiences, whether it be through a preschool program or child care services. Choosing the right preschool is extremely important as early experiences shape the future academic success of your children.

What Makes My First Years Preschool Different from Others?

We are committed to offering outstanding childcare and preschool education to our students, so they reach their school-age by becoming more secure, confident, and able to achieve their own goals. By setting high standards in our curriculum, we provide students the right foundation to transition to elementary school. Also, we recognize that not all children learn and develop at the same pace, so we offer a wide range of programs designed to accommodate all their developmental needs.

What We Offer

Toddler Programs

Our toddler programs offer a supportive, warm environment in which kids can develop self-help, emotional, and social skills while having fun and gaining independence. We place our focus on language development, impulse control/social interactions, as well as motor skills enhancement.

Preschool Programs

Children in their early ages are full of questions and excitement to learn about everything that surrounds them. Our caring and supportive environment offers activities that encourage creativity throughout their learning process. Also, our preschool programs focus on teaching conflict resolution skills and socially acceptable interactions.

Kindergarten Enrichment Programs

Our smaller group classroom offers an opportunity for children to learn at their own pace. A balance of small group activities and free-play is the core of these programs. Also, children are assigned daily jobs/tasks that foster self-esteem and independence and afford responsibility.

Further Activities

At My First Years Preschool, we know how important, regular exercise is for children. That’s why we have several activities in place with the proper equipment in our facilities, including balance beams, hoops, bean bags, toddler cars, climbers, etc. Children can participate in gross motor activities every day and have fun while they learn.

My First Years Preschool In Davie Florida

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