Multicultural Classroom Environment Enhances Student Knowledge

Multicultural Classroom Environment

Multicultural Classroom Environment Enhances Student Knowledge

Multicultural Classroom Environment Enhances Student Knowledge

Learning is a socially determined activity, where classroom atmosphere, social feelings, and interpersonal relationships, have a significant influence on how a child gains knowledge. When a teacher is an effective “multicultural” teacher concerned about the individuality of each student, it enhances the development and their full potential to gain self-confidence at an early age.

Moreover, sensitivity to their cultural background would enrich each student for further effective learning. Between students, these intercultural relationships are another source of knowledge due to mutual enrichment between diverse learners if managed by a proactive teacher.

Many of these students come to the schools for the first time without speaking any English. The teachers role is to prevent the students frustration, and intercultural conflict and sensitively dealing with diversity. Taking into consideration cultural differences, and listening to the many voices of bilingual students will enhance their ability to adjust to their new environment.

Some children adjust to school smoothly, rather than others that have more difficulty. Many case studies recommendations for schools call for establishing a multicultural school environment (MSE), reinforce the value of bilingualism; and encouragement of intercultural friendships.

At My First School Years, we understand that these changes would enhance a strong desire of all children to do well in school, regardless of other factors involved in their learning. That is why we offer a creative academic curriculum to prepare children for kindergarten (VPK program) and the curriculum for different age groups providing a wide range of activities including art, music, science and play centers, to enhance the interaction with teachers and students.

Please take your time to browse through our web page and get familiar with what we have to offer to your children, like state of the art facilities, curriculum, and yearly activities. Feel free to stop by to take a tour of our facility, Ms. Maggie, our school Director, or Ms. Ceci the administrator will be more than happy to answer your questions. Call 954-252-7840

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