My First Years Preschool Safety During COVID

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Preschool Safety During COVID

My First Years Preschool Safety During COVID

This year’s COVID-19 outbreak has caused many concerns about reopening schools and ensuring that our children are adequately protected and cared for. With many schools back in session, it is crucial to be taking the proper steps to guarantee safe learning for all. My First Years Preschool is taking all the necessary precautions so that your little ones are taken care of at all times. A safe and clean facility is our top priority to keeping this pandemic at bay. Let’s talk about ways to keep our facility clean and things you can do to ensure cleanliness and safety at home.

Proper sanitizing stations for preschoolers and teachers are important things to have set up to make handwashing readily accessible. This is imperative for students as their little hands often end up in their mouths, on the floor, and other children. Wipes and sanitizers are within reach for all teachers, and the proper usage of masks according to state requirements will be followed by all faculty and students. Ensuring all toys and play equipment are regularly disinfected with a child-safe disinfectant spray will help kill germs associated with the coronavirus.

Students are encouraged to keep their hands out of their faces and wash their hands as often as possible. Proper handwashing can be taught and encouraged in the home. As with indoor classrooms, we are keeping the outside of the facility properly cleaned is necessary as well. All outdoor play equipment will be properly disinfected after each use. Outside time allows children to play while more easily keeping the proper amount of distance between one another. Water and soap can be kept at outside stations to allow for the cleaning of hands and faces before returning to the classroom.

Keeping preschoolers apart can be difficult, making social distancing nearly impossible. Weaving social distancing activities into the daily routine can help children get used to the distance while still enjoying their classmates’ company. Creating games that require keeping space between one another can inspire little ones to play a part, while also encouraging fun and learning. If we take the time to slowly work with each group of children and explain why distance is essential, they will gradually start to comply. Little minds are like sponges, absorbing what we tell them. Preschool safety can be achieved as long as we take the time to follow all rules and guidelines. At My First Years Preschool, we are COVID-19 compliant. We make it a top priority to use the safest methods to ensure our families’ and students’ cleanliness. As we continue to combat this virus together, we will do all we can to keep our facilities safe and a fun learning center for all who enters.

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