Bilingual Practices in Preschool Classroom Settings


Bilingual Practices in Preschool Classroom Settings

Bilingual Practices in Preschool Classroom Settings

South Florida is the destination for many families coming from other countries to access a better education for their children. As a consequence, many young students come at an early age from Hispanic households where the Spanish language is reinforced. Research on bilingualism has found that reinforcement is helpful, adding skills that in the future, could bring new career opportunities and improvement in their adulthood years.

bilingual-preschool-teachingThe use of bilingual speech/interaction not only from family members but in academic centers suggest that bilingual preschool teachers can draw a number of communicative strategies to support emergent bilingual children and improve their performance and academic success.

At My First Years Preschool, we have qualified preschool teachers that can help your child transition from one language to another or reinforce their actual language in either English or Spanish. Our bilingual interactions across different classroom settings create a flexible environment for every student converging their identities towards a diverse, multilingual population.

My First Years Preschool – Bilingual Practices in Preschool Classroom Settings

We not only have knowledgeable and certified in CDA, CPR, and First Aid staff members but offer a creative academic curriculum for different age groups with a wide range of activities including science, art, music, and play centers for all ages.

We have programs for children from six weeks old to after-school programs with fun-filled spring, summer and winter camps for everyone to enjoy.

Our state of the art security system has parents resting at ease that their children are safe via a computerized system accessible from home.

We are ready to prepare your children for kindergarten and develop the skills they need to become good readers and successful students. Please, feel free to stop by our facility, and reach to Ms. Maggie, our school Director, or Ms. Ceci the administrator. Both will be more than happy to assist you. Call today at 954-252-7840.

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